This year in Greensboro...

...false fire alarms have been activated requiring...

...hours of manpower and costing taxpayers...


False Alarms: Top Causes

  • 46% missing or disconnected battery
  • 24% dead or discharged battery
  • 9% unclassified reason for failure
  • 7% hardwired power failure, shut-off or disconnect
  • 6% lack of cleaning
  • 3% defective unit
  • 3% improper installation


fine per false alarm

False alarms are expensive, but they are easily preventable. Spend 15 minutes now to ensure your future safety and reduce the chance of a false alarm.

  • Test your fire alarm every 1-2 months.
  • Clean your fire alarm every 3 months.
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Want to reduce these numbers?

Here are some tips to prevent false alarms.

1Test your alarm system every 1-2 months to ensure. Dead batteries are dangerous in a fire.

3Clean your fire alarm every 3 months. Dirty fire alarms can cause false alarms.

8Fire alarms don't last forever. Replace fire alarms every 8-10 years.